milky writes:

Oct 12, 2009

My profile

frank writes:

Sep 25, 2009

hi i am frank smith,why not contact me -mail .za

dave writes:

Sep 18, 2009


dave dunkin writes:

Sep 18, 2009

wow lovely site! ;_)

Sam writes:

Sep 17, 2009

Hi I'm Sam, Looking for love,friendship,possible relationship or just fun. I am from Chicago,USA. I have a great job,own house and I am very well established. I love all kind of women,but also I am also a one lady man. Please email me @

Sikander writes:

Sep 15, 2009

Sikaner writes: How are you all ladies, I hope you are fine with good and sound health. Im Sikander 32 from Pakistan City Karachi doing a job in private firm as a Manager, I have avarge build, 5 feet 10 Inch Height, do u like more communication with me so send me a letter in my private email address is here I waiting for your reply Sikander

Mrs Chalmers Ma writes:

Aug 19, 2009

Hi guys, I'm a married Housewife and have two children. I worked as a nurse but now only do a short jobs, I love to travel and often go out of Paris. I have 37 years, people say I am terribly hot looking, great attributes, and I love to tease. Everyone who wants to be in touch with me, can contact me to my E-Mail NOT MSN. I would like to get more messages, I will respond.I could not find something fun so i come here.

Gary writes:

Aug 12, 2009

Jason writes:

Aug 10, 2009

Hiya...looking for Fun my name is Jason contact me at if you want to get to know me x

Terry writes:

Jun 12, 2009

Hi, I'm Terry Roberts from Texas. I'm shy, but I drive a Hummer and have a great singing voice.

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